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Olaksan Jossaryk (pronounced oh-LAHK-sahn) was a member of a wealthier merchant family of the Namornese city of Kugisko.

He was killed in a fire set by Bennat Ladradun in his own home. The attack targeted Chiora Jossaryk, the mistress of Romachko Skuretty, a councilor who denied Ladradun funding. Chiora survived the attack, but Olaksan did not, having devoted himself to getting people out of his house.

Ladradun killed 150 people in total, and injured hundreds more in his serial attacks[1]. Olaksan is counted among that number.


Olaksan never appeared in any of the books, but was mentioned by Heluda Salt in Cold Fire, the third book of The Circle Opens quartet.

Notes and references

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