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Ogres are a humanoid species of Immortal. They vary in height from about 5 to 12 feet, and have aqua colored skin and blue blood. They have pointed ears, bulging eyes, and yellow peg-like teeth; they have hair on their head, necks, and shoulders.[1]

Ogres, along with other Immortals, began reappearing in the Eastern Lands around 449 HE[2]. Although many Ogres fought and stole from humans, other clans merely wanted to find a place to settle down and farm. Some Ogres love farming, and they did not have enough space to farm in the Divine Realms.

The nobles of Fief Dunlath, during their rebellion against King Jonathan in 450 HE[3], were using Ogres along with humans as slave labor in their illegal Black Opal mines. The ogres joined with humans, animals, and other immortals in the revolt against Dunlath's masters. The ogre Iakoju befriended Daine and others in the revolt.

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