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The Numair Chronicles, originally titled Exile, will be a trilogy[1] about Numair Salmalín that takes place before the events of The Immortals quartet, and serves as a prequel series. So far only one book has been published, Tempests and Slaughter (2018).


Tempests and Slaughter

Tempests and Slaughter

The first installment, published in February 2018, chronicles a young Arram Draper's (Numair Salmalín) early education at the Imperial University of Carthak. It details the old friendship Arram shared with the Emperor Mage, Ozorne Tasikhe, while the future emperor was still a prince, and before their friendship ended.

The Exile's Gift

Unknown release date, and title is also likely to change.


The third book of the trilogy, unknown release date.

Notes and references

  1. Tamora Pierce recently shared that Exile will be a trilogy on various social media sites like Facebook and tumblr.
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