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In the middle of the third century HE the Nightmarket was situated in the Lower City of Corus. It was on the south bank of the Olorun River. The Nighmarket was flanked by the Market of Sorrows in the west and Feasting Street in the east while[1] Stuvek Street marked its southern border.

In contrast to the Daymarket, the Nightmarket was open only in the nighttime. It opened around six in the evening, although it was usually still rather quiet at this early hour. Normally several guard-pairs of the Provost's Guard were assigned to the Nightmarket due to the fact that it could get more violent later in the night. The market was divided into several rows which were occupied by specific merchant classes. One example is the bakers' and spicer's row on which Deirdry Noll had her stall in 246 HE. [2]

A five-leveled fountain dedicated to King Jonathan the First[3] stood in the square. At the heart of the central square stood King Gareth's fountain, which consisted of four shallow bowls of decreasing size along the length of a carved stone pillar thirty feet in height.[4][5] The Bread Riot took place in the Nightmarket.

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