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Master Niccols was a Tortallan commoner of the 3rd century HE. He served as steward at Fief Queensgrace for Count Dewin and Lady Aeldra.


He was immensely uncomfortable when it became clear that Sabine of Macayhill and her companions were not at Queensgrace Castle for a kindly visit among nobles, but to actually search the castle, for which they had a warrant from Gershom of Haryse himself. As the count and his lady were out hawking, he firmly told them they would have to wait to search anywhere[1].

Physical Description

Niccols is described as "soft-bellied". He wore a scarlet tunic with fine gold embroidery on his first meeting with Sabine of Macayhill and Rebakah Cooper.

Notes and References

  1. Mastiff, June 19, 249

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