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Nestor Haryse
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Mage Name
Born 216 HE
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Hair Brown, curly
Eyes Blue-gray
Family Information
Family Haryse family
Adoptive Parents
Companion Okha Soyan
Adoptive Children
Other Family Gershom of Haryse (cousin)
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Residence Port Caynn
Affiliation Rebakah Cooper
Provost's Guard
Guard District South Hills
Guard Watch Day
Training Partners
Previous Partner
Current Partner
Trainee Partner
Guard Badge
Events Counterfeiting Capture
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
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First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Bloodhound
Last Mentioned '
Sir Lionel: "He is also familiar with the less ... law-abiding parts of the city, and is respected there. Sometimes I think he is too fond of those areas, which is why he will not accept promotion away from the streets."
Nestor: "I feel as if I do more good in the street, Sir Lionel."
Lionel of Trebond and Nestor Haryse[src]

Nestor Haryse (hahr-EES), born in 216 HE[1], was a Sergeant of the Provost's Guard in Port Caynn.

He was a cousin of Gershom of Haryse and they had quite a good relationship although Nestor was ten years younger and his mother was a peasant who had only been a mistress. Nestor often visited Gershom of Haryse in Corus, where he also met Rebakah Cooper. As a guardsman he didn't accept bribes but was still respected by many people involved in illegal business, like Hansevor Remy[2].

So far he only appeared in Bloodhound.


Early life

Nestor was born in 216 HE. His father was a nobleman out of House Haryse, a very respected noble family of Tortall, and his mother was a peasant. As he was born out of wedlock, he was never considered a member of the nobility. Nestor joined the Provost's Guard in 235 HE[3], when he was nineteen years old. It can be assumed that he spent the two preceding years in training - one theoretic and one as a Puppy. Pressumably he began his work as a Dog in Gauntlet District, where he was also working around 237 HE at the same time that Shales was working there[4]. He visited his cousin Gershom often, probably because both were the only members of the family sharing their dedication to the Provost's Guard. Another possibility is that Gershom was one of the few of the noble class and even of his family who accepted him, as not many nobles were open to consorting with illegitimate children. He met Rebakah Cooper during a visit with his cousin in 244 HE, before she joined the Provost's Guard. Once Beka started training, Nestor followed her progress and success—presumably through Lord Gershom—and talk with Okha, his lover, about her "as if [she] were on of his own trainees"[5].

As a member of the Provost's Guard, Nestor was very professional and dutiful about his work, and was one of the few who tried to keep order in Port Caynn, the city where he was assigned. He worked in the district of South Hills, and was very good at keeping order, even when Pearl Skinner, the Rogue of Port Caynn, used intimidation and fear tactics in order to get her way. Even Lionel of Trebond, the Deputy Provost, did nothing about her because of the blackmail. Nestor was able to make friends in all parts of the city, perhaps because of the fact that his upbringing would have taught him to cater to all sorts of people, being the illegitimate son of a nobleman. He made good connections even in the less law-abiding parts of the city, where he felt that he was doing the most good. When offered a promotion by the Deputy Provost, he refused it as he wanted to continue to work in the streets.

Counterfeiters of 247

Nestor began investigating a series of false coins that had begun appearing in the currency circulation of Port Caynn. When proof of the silver coles was found, Nestor was forbidden to use the Crown courier service to Corus, to try and keep information about the falsified coins hidden. Thus, he turned to Beka and Clara Goodwin to get new information about the counterfeits to Lord Gershom. Even though he was strictly forbidden to get too involved, he still used all means possible to assist Beka and Goodwin in their search for the counterfeiter by having other Dogs inform him when anything noticeable crossed their paths. Using this method, he provided them with an occasion to talk with Duran Elkes, who had been caught with a red purse full of false silver.

Physical description

He was five foot nine inches (5' 9") in height, stocky built and muscled with quite big hands. Nestor's curly hair was brown with a gold shine and his short beard was a little darker. His nose was long and had been broken in two places. His dark eyes were blue-gray. Nestor's voice was like dark, warm smoke.[3] His appearance made Nestor popular with women.

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