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The Empire of Namorn is a large country in the Emelan universe that extends from Yanjing to the Western Sea. It boarders Yanjingto the east and Lairan, Irod, Olart, and Capchen to the south.

It is ruled by Empress Berenene dor Ocmore. The Imperial Court is at the capitol of Dancruan, which is located on the southern shores of the Sith (a large lake that dominates the western portion of the country.

The society and culture of the country is similar to Russia. While the nation is ruled by a woman, women in general have fewer rights in Namorn than in the countries to the south. While women can inherit land and titles, it is assumed that once they are married their husbands would take over any responsibilities.

In Western Namron there is a tradition of men kidnapping unmarried women and forcing them into signing a marriage contract. While the women could go to their liege lords to get the marriage ended not all lords and ladies are sympathetic. The empress herself has been kidnapped twice, but was able to escape both times, and remains unsympathetic to those who could not.

After Sandry's exit for the country it is believed that her cousin, Ambros fer Landreg, is going to attempt to get this practice banned.

Fiefs in Namorn include:

  • Landreg
  • Roth
  • Ocmore
  • Sarajane
  • Dalach
  • Hurich
  • Holm
  • Haugh
  • Pennan

(And, oh, so many more)

Notable People


Unlike most countries around the Pebbled Sea Namorn has its own language called Namorenese.

  • argib - currency of the Empire
  • amdain - fool(s)
  • bidis, bidisa - Baron or Baroness, first level of nobility
  • cleham, clehame - Count or Countess, third level of nobility
  • clehamat - a count's or countess's estate
  • giath, giatha - Duke or Duchess, forth level of nobility
  • naliz - piece of dung
  • Ravvi - Mrs.
  • Ravvikki - Miss.
  • Ravvot -Mr.
  • Ravvotki - Master (as in title, not position)
  • saghad, saghada - Lord or Lady, second level of nobility
  • saghadat a lord's or lady's estate
  • Viynain, Viymese - mage or wizard



Wester Namorn also has its own gods, seperate from those of the Living Circle.

  • Qunoc - Goddess of Crops [2]
  • Vrohain - God of Justice [3]

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