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Nahim Zineer (pronounced hah-HEEM zihn-EER) is a merchant who sells precious and semi-precious stones in a Chammuran bazaar. Evumeimei Dingzai worked for him by polishing stones and using her magic, although she is unaware of it. The stones that she polishes sell better and faster than the ones she doesn't touch. Zineer pays her a few coppers each day for the work.

In 1039 KF, Briar Moss discovers Evvy using her stone magic at Zineer's vending table. He asks her what magical working she's doing, and it spooks her enough that she hurries away. Zineer asks Briar what he was doing, talking to Evvy, and says that the girl is no thief. A rival stone seller rebukes Zineer, and says that Briar talked of magic. When Evvy comes back the next day, Zineer gives her more coins than usual, grumbling that she better not think he shorted her when she becomes a full pahan.

He only appears as a minor character in Street Magic.

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