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"Kindness was what she gave as easily as she breathed, but she ruled the kitchen, and the children of the house, firmly."
—Rebakah Cooper about Myaral Fane in her journal.[src]

Myaral "Mya" Fane was the cook in the house of Lord Gershom when Rebakah Cooper lived there. She married Ulfrec Fane in 231 HE[1]. Mya attended the same temple as Clara Goodwin. They were friends since around 226 HE[1]. She also knows Matthias Tunstall as they once had a sexual relationship, although it didn't last as they wanted different things out of life, Mya wanting marriage and babies and Tunstall only wanted "fun".

Mya is very caring and Beka even sees her as an aunt. She consoled Beka after the death of her mother, Ilony Cooper. It was Aunt Mya who got Beka her first pregnancy charm[2].

Mya is described as being a small, round woman with dark eyes[3] up-tipped at the cornes and a tipped nose.[4]

She appears both in Terrier and Bloodhound as a minor character.

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