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Mistress Penolong is a raka midwife in the Royal Palace at the Copper Isles.
{{T character-stub}}'''Mistress Penolong''' was a [[raka]] midwife at [[Grey Palace]] in the [[Copper Isles]].
She helps Alianne with the birth of her and Nawats 3 human nestlings, Ochobai, Junim and Ulasu.
She helped [[Alianne Crow]] give birth to her triplets, [[Ochobai Crow|Ochobai]], [[Junim Crow|Junim]], and [[Ulasu Crow|Ulasu]].<ref>''[[Nawat (story)|Nawat]]''</ref>
The description is from the tale 'Nawat' in book 'Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales'
==Notes and references==
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Mistress Penolong was a raka midwife at Grey Palace in the Copper Isles.

She helped Alianne Crow give birth to her triplets, Ochobai, Junim, and Ulasu.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Nawat
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