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Mindelan (pronounced MIHN-duh-lahn) is a Tortallan fief located in the north of the country near the Scanran border. It is a barony, which means the male head of the family bears the title "Baron".

Coat of arms

The Mindelan coat of arms is a grey owl on a blue background[1]. The owl is known as the "Mindelan owl".

Members of the family

  1. Piers of Mindelan + Ilane of Seabeth and Seajen
    1. Anders of Mindelan + Vorinna of Richcaffery
    2. Patricine of Mindelan + Toshuro noh Akaneru
      • two unnamed children
    3. Inness of Mindelan + Tilaine of Teresian
      • three unnamed children
    4. Conal of Mindelan
    5. Demadina of Mindelan + Gavin haMinch
      • unnamed child
    6. Adalia of Mindelan + Merovec of Nond
      • two unnamed children
    7. Oranie of Mindelan + Ortien of Hannalof
      • unnamed children
    8. Avinar of Mindelan
    9. Keladry of Mindelan


The Mindelan family was recently ennobled two generations before Kel's, and thus were not in any of the Tortallan Books of Nobility, not even the Book of Copper[2].

Members of the family participated during the Immortals War. Sir Anders received a permanent injury, although neither Sir Inness nor Sir Conal received any sustaining injuries. There were no deaths in the family, but they were still hit hard[3].

Keladry of Mindelan became the first female knight besides Lady Alanna in over a century, and the first to openly try for her shield[4].


In 458 HE, the Royal Progress stopped at Mindelan in order to honor them for their work in the Yamani alliance. This was probably done differently than what the monarchs did for the traitors whom they forced to host. The Mindelan family probably received very little of the cost—unlike the Eldorne or Sinthya families—and thus were very highly honored[5].

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