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Mimander is the term in Tradertalk refering to a Trader mage, who travels with the caravans and ships. Mimanders are always dressed in yellow garnments. They even wear a yellow face-veil and gloves[1] as to avoid that any part of their body shows. One mimander is always a member of the Trader Council[2].


Ongoing mimanders study for many years. The length of study varies from ten years to a whole lifetime. Mimanders only specialise in one area of expertise, usually controlling some force of nature. Their training is so harsh that only one in ten apprentices lives to be a journeyman.[3]


Mimanders are vital for the caravans as they can, to some degree, control certain parts of the weather. They can, for example, catch the wind in their nets for later use or "call to the wind as if they were friends who could be invited to stay"[4].

The Trader mages also tie winds up in cords and sell them for high prices. Normally green cord is used for northbound winds, yellow for eastbound winds, blue for westbound winds and red for southbound winds. Combinations of directions are also possible like a green cord with yellow strands in it, which stands for a northeast wind.[5]

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