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*[http://www.u01wmd.supanet.com/piercings/millitary.html Piercings: Military]
*[http://www.u01wmd.supanet.com/piercings/millitary.html Piercings: Military]

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There are many different types of millitary training available if you live in Tortall. For the noble, we have the Knight training, or even the Royal Ladies if you're good enough for Thayet. Shang, the Queen's Riders and even the King's Own seem open to just about anybody.

Knight Training

Stages: Page, then Squire.

Requirements: Of noble blood. Able to afford it. Aptitude for martial arts nice, but not necessary.

More specifically?:You will be beaten to a bloody pulp, performing endless amounts of Punishment Duty for Masters that heap the work on. You spend your mornings in the exercise yards and your afternoons in lessons. You have to serve the worthy at Midwinter, and you get dragged to camp in the Summer.

Anything else?: If you get this far, you get to go through the Ordeal of Knighthood in the Chamber of the Ordeal. It will make you live your worst fears.

Afterwards?: You get to protect the weak, following the Code of Chivalry. You may be asked to perform duties for your King, like being his Champion, or running his army.

King's Own

Stages: Ordinary Soldier, then Corporal, then Sergeant. It's easier if you get a commission, then you get to be Sergeant or even Captain.

Requirements: Able horseman.

More specifically?: You will be expected to be the general army of the country, doing anything that you are asked to. This could involve tracking down bandits, enforcing the law, pulling down buildings, rescuing people or even just dancing attendance on the King on Progress.

Anything else?: Your commander-in-chief is Raoul "Giantkiller" of Goldenlake.

If you're lucky enough to make it in, your Captain might be:

  • First Company - Glasidan of Haryse
  • Second Company - Ulliver Linden
  • Third Company - Flyndan Whiteford

Queen's Riders

Stages: Trainee, including lessons at Palace and Trainee Camp. Year's probabtion in a group.

Requirements: Read and write, have all your limbs, be unmarried and young and be at the Palace for a specific time. Helps if you ride.

More specifically?: Not a lot, it's staying in that's the hard bit.

Anything else?: Thayet is the Commander-in-Chief, Buri handles the day to day business. She got a promotion when Thayet had to spend more time being Queen.

There are up to 20 rider groups. There are no more than 8-9 members of any one rider group. Of these, at least 4 are seniors (2 or more years in the field); 2-3 are juniors (a year or more in the field) and 1-2 are trainees.

Some of the Rider Groups have names, or people attached. Here are the ones we know:

  1. First Riders Group - The First. On casualty list, no losses in Wild Magic.
  2. Second Riders Group - Ghostwind, commanded by Evin Larse.
  3. Third - Webspinners with Commander Gavan. Lose two in Wild Magic.
  4. Fourth - Queens Rabbits
  5. Fifth - Clouds. Lose one in Wild Magic
  6. Sixth - Thayets Dogs, with Commander Candra Bridger
  7. Seventh - Nightbreath. In Realms of the Gods, Evin is in this group, which looses three.
  8. Eighth - Soft Lightning
  9. Ninth - Ogre Bane. Destroyed, probably by Tristan, in Wolfspeaker.
  10. Tenth - Royal Arrows
  11. Eleventh - Trollwatch
  12. Twelfth - Spiderdeath
  13. Thirteenth - Razors
  14. Fourteenth - Gret's Shadows
  15. Fifteenth - Stickers
  16. Seventeenth - Group Askew

Royal Ladies

Stages: Get picked by Thayet.

Requirements: Young, beautiful, able to defend herself and the Queen with weaponry.

More specifically?: You need serious royal favour to even consider this career option. And you need to be female.

Anything else?: You'll get wet, muddy, break bones and be generally unladylike. On the other hand, it's a great honour.


Stages: Training. Lots of training. Train all your days.

Requirements: Dictated by Shang Warriors. Very select group. Nationality is of no importance.

More specifically?: Preferably not noble, as nobles tend to get cast out of their family. And not gifted either, as no one in Shang uses magic.

Anything else?: You can expect an early grave, but a glorious life as being one of the most respected warriors around.


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