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Midsummer, that is the time around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, marked a major festival every year in the Eastern Lands of the Tortallan Universe, including Tortall. It also is a major holiday in the Circle Universe, and takes place round the 21st of Rose Moon.

Tortallan Universe

Major events in the Tortallan Universe on that day included the coronation of Rittevon of Lenman as the first luarin king of the Copper Isles in 181 HE. According to Rebakah Cooper the dust spinner Raaashell also came into existence on that day in 247 HE. Because the barrier between the realms was particularly weak at that time Weiryn and Sarra Beneksri as the Green Lady could pull their daughter Daine and her teacher Numair Salmalín into the Divine Realms and out of mortal danger by a pair of skinners in 452 HE. Ten years later Daine and Numair hold their daughter's naming ceremony on Midsummer's Day.

Circle Universe

In the Emelanese Universe one of the earthquakes in 1035 KF hit Winding Circle on midsummer.

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