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Merric of Hollyrose
Style '
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Style '
Reigning Monarch
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Mage Name
Maiden Name
Honorific '
Born 442 HE[1]
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Other Freckled
Family Information
Noble House
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family Faleron of King's Reach (first cousin)
Patron God
Rank Nobility
Residence New Hope
Haven (former)
Tortallan Royal Palace (during training)
Bazhir Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Training Master
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Nealan of Queenscove
Esmond of Nicoline
Seaver of Tasride
Military Affiliation
Military Branch Guard of Haven/ New Hope
Commander Keladry of Mindelan
Squad Leader Sergeant
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
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First Appeared First Test
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Lady Knight
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Merric of Hollyrose (pronounced MEHR-rihk) was a Tortallan knight. He is a year-mate of Keladry of Mindelan and Nealan of Queenscove[2], and served in the Scanran War[3]. He was assigned to be chief of camp security at Haven, a refugee camp. He also was part of the rescue mission that Kel led in order to save her adult refugees.


Training for knighthood

His sponsor was Faleron of King's Reach, his cousin. Merric was one of the boys harassed by Joren of Stone Mountain and his friends. They made him pick up books that they dropped on purpose. Kel stood up for him and got into a fight with the bullies. At first, Merric wasn't happy with Kel for it as he was ashamed of being helped by anyone, let alone a girl. Later, he joined their study group in Neal's room and after some time Merric even became Kel's friend.

When the pages were on their summer camp in Merric's third year they stumbled into a bandit camp. Faleron, who was leading the younger pages, froze and let Kel take control. Merric followed her without question and took an arrow to the shoulder, which Neal didn't have the training to heal completely, but managed to alleviate most of the pain and perhaps stave off infection and hemorrhaging. Merric defended Kel when the training master asked if she was ready to leave page training after seeing blood.


Keladry of Mindelan: "Well, is social scheduling what you thought you'd do as a knight?"
Merric: "I didn't think. I just did what my parents told me, for once."
— Kel and Merric talking about squiredom[src]

Once becoming a squire, his parents had suggested that he take an easier job, at least at first.[4]

It is assumed that he moved on to harder work later in squiredom, since it would be unlikely for Lord Wyldon to assign him as Chief of Camp Security if Merric had spent an entirety of four years planning for social events. We do not know the details of this, however.


Merric passed his Ordeal of Knighthood on midwinter of 460 HE[5]. The following spring he was sent to the northern border of Tortall to fight in the Scanran War against the forces under Maggur Rathhausak. There he was assigned to the refugee camp Kel dubbed Haven, where he served together with Kel, who was the commander of the camp, and Neal, who was the camp's chief healer. Merric was responsible for the security outside of the camp, organizing patrols.

Merric was out on patrol when he caught wind of Scanrans, a group which he thought was a measly raiding party. The sparrows and animals tried to warn him and his men of the danger, but he didn't listen. The amount of Scanrans were too much for them to handle as just a patrolling party and it is assumed that many of his men died. He lived and was rescued later. He blamed himself for the loss of Haven, and Lord Wyldon, Neal, and Kel insisted that he did not. He was brought back to the fort and kept in the healing wing.

When Kel goes to rescue the captured refugees of Haven, Merric joined some of their year mates as they follow Kel, despite being wounded. After they rescue the adult refugees from the Scanran raiders, Kel commanded Merric to return with them in order to see them safely back and to bring the news to Wyldon. Merric argued with her at first, but she stayed firm.

Once Merric returned to Tortallan soil for Lord Wyldon's judgment, he was not punished, as Lord Wyldon realized that he was in the wrong[6] Once Kel returned with the children and the rest of their Tortallan soldiers, neither she nor the other knights who accompanied her were punished either. Merric was assigned to New Hope, a replacement camp for Haven. He was the camp's security chief just like before with Haven. The convicts who accompanied them on their journey were cleared of all charges against them, although they decided to stay in the north with Kel. Many of them still served as soldiers for New Hope, and Merric showed he trusted them to lead scouts and reconnaissance while he stayed in camp[7].

Physical description

He is described as having red, straight hair and pale blue eyes with a long, broad nose.

Personality & Traits

He is quick to anger and has a temper. He does not mean anything ill by it though and does not resort to violence. He is also very loyal.


Keladry of Mindelan

Merric and Kel first have a rough start, as did all the boys except for Neal when it came to accepting Kel as one of the group. He was humiliated by Joren and his pack and took it out on Kel, which she was understanding enough to let him. They soon became good friends, enough for Merric to follow Kel into enemy territory and potentially be exiled or declared a traitor to Tortall.

Faleron of King's Reach

Faleron is Merric's kinsman[8], or cousin. It is presumed they may be closely related. They have a good friendship.

Notes and references

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