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The Merman's Cave was an eating house in Port Caynn, located in Lowdown District, just a few blocks past Gerjuoy Road and three blocks up from the docks. A deep porch ran around all of its front. During the summer there were probably tables set on the porch and the windows opened to provide some coolness. Two men guarded the entrance and asked for every man's weapons; they weren't very sharp, however, not suspecting women of carrying blades.[1]

Normally it wasn't a place where women should go without male company. The Merman's Cave was known for its visitors gambling and doing much talking.[2] The Cave had an reputation of selling good mussels.[3]

Clara Goodwin obviously knew the eating house from her first longer stay at Port Caynn. That's why she considered it luck that Hansevor Remy invited them there when he met them in front of the Goldsmith's Bank.[2]

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