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Meraud Finer was Isanz Finer's great-granddaughter, her father being Isnaz' grandson, and a resident of Port Caynn in the third century of the Human Era. She was born around 233 HE. Meraud came for help to Ladyshearth Lodgings in search of Rebakah Cooper because her grandfather, uncles and aunts had all been arrested on the false charges of counterfeiting.[1] Beka asked Meraud Finer to write to Master Rollo Liddicoat to go to the Tradesmen's kennel and buy the arrested Finers as much comfort as possible after they had been arrested on the false charges of counterfeiting.

Meraud was supposed to take her great-grandfathers share of the business one day. Thus she accompanied him everywhere and took notes for Isanz, because his memory wasn't as sharp anymore as it was when he had been younger. Therefore Meraud had also been with Isanz when he and other silversmiths told the Silversmith's Guild about the false coins they had found.[2] Meraud probably also helped her great-grandfather with finding out where the silver for the false coins came from.[3]

She only appears in Bloodhound.

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