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Maresgift was a male centaur who lived in the Royal Forest of Tortall prior to 456 HE. He led a pack of bandits, made up of both humans and centaurs, and looted Haresfield. They killed many people, and were also guilty of infanticide. Iriseyes, a centaur who was a member of Graystreak's herd, said that Graystreak should probably have culled quite a few centaurs that later turned coat to become bandits including Maresgift, Graystreak's own brother.[1]

Third Company, which was helping Haresfield capture the bandits, figured out that their next target would be Owlshollow, a village near Haresfield. Third Company had groups stationed throughout the road to Owlshollow in order to capture the bandits and bring them to justice. Keladry of Mindelan, who had been placed under Flyndan Whiteford for the skirmish, even fought a bit although Flyndan gave her a bad post specifically so she wouldn't fight. When Maresgift had been captured, he was tied up and executed. He fought his bonds but to no avail.[2]


Maresgift only appears as an extremely minor antagonist in Squire, the third installment of the Protector of the Small quartet.

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