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Marek Swiftknife (pronounced MARH-ehk) was a member of the Tortallan Court of the Rogue and George Cooper's second-in-command, when George was the Rogue of Tortall. Besides being George's friend, Marek was also his rival for the throne of the Rogue. He was in Port Caynn with George at House Azik, Dog Lane, when George went there to put his people back in order. When both returned to Corus to look into the matter of Claw, who sent an assassin in George's house in Port Caynn, they were ambushed, and Marek was injured. George brought him to his mother, and Kuri Taylor treated his injuries. He is one of three of George's men who survived the massacre of George's people. The others were Rispah Cooper and Ercole.

He has brown eyes and brown hair.[1] Marek's lover was Anci, who later betrayed him because she thought that Marek had broken the Law of the Rogue. He appears in The Woman Who Rides Like a Man and in Lioness Rampant.

Notes and references

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