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Malubesang Island was one of the many islands that made up the Copper Isles.


It is the southernmost island and is closest to the Tongkang, Kypriang and Gempang islands[1]. To the north, Malubesang is bordered by the Sea of Kypriang. To the east, south, and southwest, it is bordered by the Emerald Ocean.


During the time of the raka queens of old, Malubesang was the main stronghold of House Malubesai. During the Luarin Conquest led by Rittevon of Lenman and Ludas Jimajen, they attacked Malubesang first before continuing on to the rest of the islands.

Under the Rittevons

Under House Rittevon, the island is held by quite a few luarin nobles. The Nomru family, headed by Vurquan Nomru, is the biggest landholder of the island, and owns most of Malubesang. Another main landholder was the Fonfala family.

During the times of the raka rebellion, the Nomru estates and the Fonfala estates rose up against the Rittevons. These uprisings were led by the luarin nobility, such as Winnamine's brothers. It is presumed that this uprising was in response to the regicide and infanticide committed by Imajane and Rubinyan.

Notes and references

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