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Majnuna (pronounced majh-NOOHN-ah) is a character in Shatterglass. She is an arurim, or police officer, in the city-state of Tharios, and is described as being "a huge, olive-skinned woman who stood a full head taller than any of the others"--the others being the other arurimi working with Demakos Nomasdina (Dema) to help catch the serial killer called The Ghost. Majnuna is very strong and can support, on her shoulders, a grown man who is using a hammer and chisel. She is also the one who tells Dema that he has been blessed by Aethra Papufos, the high priestess of the All-Seeing and the voice of the All-Seeing in the material world. Majnuna's ability to identify the rarely-seen priestess on sight, as well as the reverence with which she spoke the priestess's name, suggests that Majnuna is extremely devout. 


"Majnuna" is Arabic for "crazy" or "crazy woman ." There are also a number of locations in the Mideast called Majnuna, Majnun, or Majnoon, such as the Majnoon oil fields near Basra in Iraq, so called because the sheer amount of oil in the fields is crazy, i.e. unbelievable, or the 5,800-year-old mass graves being excavated by archeologists at the mound of Tell Majnuna, Syria .

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