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Mahman Fadul (pronounced MAH-mahn fah-DOOL) was a Bazhir of the Great Southern Desert. His tribe name is unknown, but he belonged to the same one as Umar Komm.

Fadul journeyed to the Bloody Hawk tribe in order to witness Kara and Kourrem's Ordeal of Shamans. Before the Ordeal, shamans from other tribes shared knowledge and spells with each other. Fadul has aspirations of becoming shaman after Komm[1].

He was young and handsome and admired Alanna of Trebond immensely.


Mahman Fadul only appears as a minor character in Chapter 6 of The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, the third installment of The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce.

Notes and references

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