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This article contains spoilers for Melting Stones.

Magma spirits are featured throughout Melting Stones. They are depicted as energetic, powerful, and hot because magma is made from molten rock. Because of this, stone beings such as Luvo and humans, particularly stone mages, are depicted as being in danger. In Daja's Book(Fire in the Forging) readers also saw that other mages were also sensitive to the heat in magma, although Tris was able to navigate through it freely. This is probably due to the nature of her magic. Magma spirits also have destructive elements due to their want to change and move, and the disasterous effects of volcanic eruptions on ecosystems.

In Melting Stones, magma spirits or volcano spirits reside in large chambers far beneath the earth. Magma spirits have no names, because each spirit knows the other. The spirits are each a colour, most of them chosing to be bright and vibrant colours. Carnelion prefers softer colours, but it is unknown wether any other magma spirits share her view. Carnelion is one of the two driving magma spirits, who are impatient and have a will to seek out a way to get out, that the other magma spirits follow once they get restless.

When volcano spirits go reach the surface from their chambers, a volcanic eruption occurs. These are disasterous because of the ash and extreme heat that come with the lava. However, once the eruptions finish and the substances cool, a mountain is born, as are new rocks. This is reflective of the Living Circle's view of the cycle in things occur.



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