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In the Tortallan universe there are many for forms of magic each doing a specific job. You get various amounts of magic, which can be trained and strengthened, in some forms like the Gift. Other forms of magic can't be influenced in their strength or in the way they work, like the Air Gift. People either have it or don't. Magic can change the way the Gods have willed you to be though.

Some kinds of magic are:

  • The Gift: An all-purpose magic, which allows its bearer to cast spells and modify the world around them.
  • The Sight: A specific branch of the Gift, which allows its bearer to see the future or improve their eyesight.
  • Wild magic: This kind of magic enables its bearer to form close ties to nature, especially a certain kind of animal. A more extensive form of this magic, where the bearer can even change its shape and speak to animals, is very rare. The only person known to have this powerful form of wild magic is Veralidaine Sarrasri.
  • The Air Gift: A specific branch of the Gift, which allows its bearer to hear the spirits of the dead riding pigeons as well as the breezes caught by the dust spinners.
  • Divine magic: The unique magic of the Gods and constellations, as well as those that are possessed by various species of immortals.
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