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Magic is something found in both the Tortallan Universe and the Circle Universe.

Tortallan Universe

Magic found in the Tortallan Universe comes in various forms. There are three main types of magic.

  1. Divine magic—The magic that is used by the gods. This magic is incredibly powerful and all-purpose with few limitations. It is unknown but probable if a god's magic is limited by their territorial designations. This is probably a very minor limitation, however, as not many gods seem to be burdened with this. Great Gods have more divine magic than others, like Bright Mithros or the Great Mother Goddess. There is also a variance in some types of magic. It seems that the Graveyard Hag, being the daughter of the Black God, is the only god besides her father who is able to wake the dead. Divine magic is also possessed by non-deities, like the constellation known as The Cat.
  2. Human magic—This is a loose term, but applies to the magic that the gods gave humans, like the Gift and the Sight. A human magic user is called a mage.
  3. Wild magic—Although humans can use this type of magic, there is more variety. Animal species seem to be naturally attuned to wild magic, especially with other animals. There are even animals who are natural shapeshifters, like the crows. Humans known to possess this type of magic usually have it with only one species, like the Banjiku, Stefan Groomsman, and Tobeis Boon. The only human known to possess wild magic with all species of animals, even immortals, is Veralidaine Sarrasri, a case where the definition of human is stretched, as she is the child of a god.

Circle Universe

Magic is very ubiquitous in the Circle Universe, and is quite common. The magic in the Universe can be conceivably split into two overarching types.

  1. "Spirit magic", almost like "Divine magic"—This type of magic has been seen in later books, such as Melting Stones and Battle Magic. Spirits reside in landforms and bodies of water, such as mountains (the case with Luvo), the Pebbled Sea, and islands such as Starns. Only one human has been able to actually have speech with spirits: Evumeimei Dingzai. (In this case, those who speak with Luvo while he is out of his mountain do not count).
  2. Human magic—There are two types of magic found in humans. Human magic users are called mages.
    1. Academic magic—The magic that is found within the self.
    2. Ambient magic—The magic that is found in the world around the self.


(See also: Mage)

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