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Maghen is a Namornese commoner who lives as a tenant on Clemahat Landreg.

In 1043 KF, when Sandrilene fa Toren is given a tour of her estates, Maghen is only a young girl. When Sandry greets a little boy jokingly—presumably Maghen's brother, the young girl is surprised that her clehame is not stuck up and says so. When her mother tries to shush her, Sandry assured the woman that she is not offended, and talks to Maghen.

After Trisana Chandler fixes the banks of the river—so that they are not dangerous—and causes the earth to rumble and shake, which frightens the other villagers. Maghen is the only one besides Sandry who is not afraid to approach the mage. Maghen expresses great delight at the display of magic, from both Tris and Sandry.

Maghen only appears as a very minor character in The Will of the Empress

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