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The Mages College is part of the Tortallan Royal University near Corus, Tortall. The college is home to young mages studying general magecraft and healing. The Dean of Magical Studies during the 5th Century HE was Harailt of Aili, who was also Head of the Tortallan University. Serving under the Dean were a Head of Academic Studies and the Head of Healing Studies.[1] Sir Nealan of Queenscove attended the Mages College, studying healing, before his brothers' deaths in 452 HE during the Immortals War.

Healing Course of Study

Required Classes

  • History and Ethics, taught by Geoffrey Calvard
  • Healer's Practical, taught by Blayce of Carmine Tower and Eleni of Olau
  • Anatomy, taught by Evaline of Tasride
  • Herbal Cures, taught by Odeen Estvell and Aniki Nissyen
  • Disease and Remedy, taught by Nerina Greyson

Other classes include:

  • Old Thak
  • Fire Magic, taught by Eliora of Fenrigh
  • Forest and Earth Magic, taught by Odeen Estvell and Aniki Nissyen
  • Magic in Community Health, taught by Duke Baird
  • Battle Magic, taught by Numair Salmalín
  • Natural Sciences
  • Literature and Rhetoric
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Noble Arts

Known Students and Instructors



Notes and references

  1. Tortall: A Spy's Guide
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