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The Mages' Society of Namorn is a powerful coalition of mages throughout the realm. There is a head branch, and several cadet branches of the Society.


Presumably the Society decides on legislation for mages, besides what laws are already in place by the University of Lightsbridge and Winding Circle.


Mages' Society of Namorn

The Society for all of Namorn is run by Notalos fer Hurich, the favorite uncle of Finlach fer Hurich. The Mages' Society had access to secret floor plans of the Imperial Palace. Notalos broke covenant by giving them to his nephew to aid him in kidnapping Sandrilene fa Toren, the wealthy countess, in 1043 KF[1]. This was considered a highly treasonous act, and Notalos was arrested by Quenaill Shieldsman.

Mages' Society of Kugisko

The Kugiskan branch is led by Master Northice, at least when Daja Kisubo and Frostpine visited Kugisko in 1039 KF. The Mages' Society was politically powerful within the city. They held festivals in celebration of the changing seasons. Olennika Potcracker referred to the wealthier members as parasites[2], so Heluda Salt doubted she would be welcome, even though she had quite a lot of influence within the city.

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