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The Mages' Council of Lightsbridge is a group of mages that works in concert with the Initiate Council of Winding Circle to create and ratify laws for mages around the Pebbled Sea and beyond. The council operates at the University of Lightsbridge and is made up of a few of their graduates.


Both councils have jurisdiction over the accreditation program and what qualifies for a credential at their respective schools. They also decide the laws for accredited mages.

Known rules

  • If a new untrained mage is discovered, the discovering mage is responsible for the new mage's education until a mage of like power is found.
  • Mages must go to their local magical institutions to dispose of magical substances and may not dispose of those substances themselves. Failure to comply with this rule led Eilisa Pearldrop to create the infectious disease known as the blue pox in 1036 KF.
  • Mages may not harm others with their magic.

Known members

Notes and references

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