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A mage medallion is given out by magical schools and institutions when a student has achieved an excellent level of understanding and control over their magic. A medallion denotes that a student has graduated and can either continue on with their study to achieve a mastery, or go out into the world and practice. A medallion is of higher precedence than a mage license, which can be given out by accredited schools or societies. A medallion means that the mage has achieved a higher level of schooling and training.


The medallion can only be given out by accredited schools. University of Lightsbridge and Winding Circle are the two institutions that set the rules for accreditation and for conduct after receiving a medallion. It is likely that other schools and temples are able to give out the accreditation, such as Heskalifos, the university in Tharios.

Once receiving a medallion, the mage must comply with the rules set by Lightsbridge and Winding Circle, or risk having their accreditation stripped away.

Mages must comply with certain ethical rules. It is against the law to use magic directly on people without their permission, including curses, love potions, etc.

Rules for new mages

Briar Moss: "Who's gonna work those penalties on me? They'd best bring their supper to do it. They'll be working awhile."
Rosethorn: "That would be the closest member of Winding Circle's Initiate Council or the Magecouncil of the University of Lightsbridge. They set and enforce the laws for mages from the Endless Ocean in the west to the Heaven Mountains in Yanjing."
Briar Moss: "Then I'll go. They can come find me. I ain't their errand boy."
Rosethorn: "The nearest member of both those councils is me."
— Rosethorn teaching Briar the rules[src]
  • Mages cannot charge a new student fees for learning.
  • A mage cannot ignore a new student's education and refuse to teach, especially if they are the only known mage of that specialty in the area.[1]
  • The discovering mage is responsible for finding their new student an accredited teacher. If not possible, that discovering mage must teach the new student, or bring them to an institution that can free of charge—such as Winding Circle.

These rules only apply to accredited mages with a medallion, a mastery, or further honors. They do not apply to mages who have only a license.


The medallion is issued by a graduate's main teachers, with permission from either the Initiate Council at Winding Circle, or the Mages' Council at Lightsbridge. It is usually given in mid to late twenties after a student reaches the correct level of understanding.

A few in the books have received it before their twenties:

The Initiate Council wanted to ensure that the four young mages who received theirs very young would not brag about the credential. Frostpine spelled theirs so they would forget about it unless someone asked them directly for proof of accreditation.[2]

Receiving a medallion that young is unheard of. Quenaill Shieldsman received his at twenty-one and was considered a prodigy.[3]


The medallion is usually connected to a string or a chain that the wearer can put around their neck. The front of the medallion has the name of the graduate and the name of their chief teacher engraved on the outer edges. In the center is a symbol showing that student's magic — Daja's was a hammer over flame. The other side of the medallion has the symbol for the school where the graduate primarily studied. A spiral signifies Winding Circle.[2]

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