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Madon Pell, resident of Spindle Lane in the Lower City of Corus[1], was the brother of Geraint and Kevan.[2] Madon and Geraint ambushed Rebakah Cooper at the morning of September 10, 247 HE, to take revenge on her for arresting their brother two weeks earlier. The two of them probably would have killed Beka had not Achoo barked loud enough to call help.[3] The brothers were killed by Rosto the Piper or some of his people shortly afterwards. They had been to an alehouse and were taken by surprise when leaving it. Their murderers beat them like they had beaten Beka, only that they didn't survive it.[4] The brothers' corpses were found in King Gareth's Fountain on Nightmarket[5]. Madon's ghost didn't move on to the Peaceful Realms immediately but stayed in the Mortal Realms some time longer, riding a pigeon in black and grey.[6]

The brothers only appear in Bloodhound.

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