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The Luarin conspiracy was a group of luarin noble families who discussed the problems with living under Rittevon rule. It was conceived in the early 460s HE as a response to the tyranny of Prince Rubinyan and Princess Imajane. It is very likely that it started earlier with King Oron, as no one was safe under his rule.

Beliefs and Goals

Before the events of 463 HE and the increasing violence and hostility coming from the Rittevon family, the group did not believe in the ousting of their luarin ruling family, but only in changing a few of the laws to benefit themselves. Families that joined were mostly interested in rights for the high luarin nobility and ending heavy taxation.

Members who had a lot of pull changed the goals of the luarin conspiracy to match with the raka conspiracy, a group that also had huge problems with the Rittevon rulers but who also wished to end their tyranny as opposed to changing it. Lady Nuritin and Winnamine Balitang were instrumental in convincing the rest of the luarin conspiracy. The arrest of Vurquan Nomru, one of the most powerful luarin noblemen of the Isles, also caused many of the luarin nobility to doubt their rulers.

The assassinations of King Dunevon and Duke Elsren also played a huge part in changing the minds of many luarin conspirators to believe in ousting their Rittevon tyrants. Because these families had money and soldiers at their disposal, they were instrumental in the raka rebellion. Before they joined up with the raka conspiracy, Alianne of Pirate's Swoop saw them more as a "complaint society" rather than a conspiracy. Their words would still have labeled them as traitors of the Crown, however, so it wasn't completely without danger.

Notable Members

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