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The Luarin Conquest occurred during the 170s HE The first attack was in 174 HE on a noble stronghold in Malubesai.

The Luarin Conquest

Michabur Durse of Queenscove was a Tortallan scholar and historian who wrote The Luarin Conquest: New Rulers in the Copper Isles, which was published in 312 HE. According to the book, the Luarin Conquest occurred when there was unrest in the Isles between the ruling family of Haiming and other members of the ruling family of Haiming. Since the Isles were in a state of civil war, the people of the Eastern Lands, or the luarin, as they were called, saw this as an opportunity to take the Kyprish Isles by force. Rittevon of Lenman, a Marenite, led the conquest with his friend, Ludas Jimajen. Before they did attack, they bribed many raka nobles, promising them status when one of them sat on the throne. The last raka queen, Dilsubai, was a bit of the reason why the Kyprish Isles were under so much stress. Her shaky hold on her throne soon broke with the conquest.

The Conqueror's Laws

Upon gaining power in the Isles, the new luarin rulers set about putting down raka rebellions. They imposed legislation known as the "Conqueror's Laws", which were still in effect up to 462 HE and presumably till the end of the full-blood luarin rulers of the Isles. A few people of the luarin nobility had petitioned the monarchs to repeal the Laws.

One law states that if any luarin nobleman or royal or his immediate family are murdered, then, by law, all raka of the lands that the luarin holds would be executed. Mequen Balitang, who firmly did not believe in the law, stated that the idea was that if a person of the luarin nobility was killed, the nearest raka must've helped the murderer. If the raka did not lay down his or her life in battle to save the luarin, then they were accounted to be guilty as well.

Kyprioth vs. Mithros & The Great Mother

In the Divine Realms, when the luarin people mustered their forces and set out to attack, Mithros and his sister and lover, the Great Mother Goddess, saw this as an opportunity to gain more worshippers in more parts of the world. They overthrew their brother, Kyprioth, the patron god of the Isles. They threw the jaguar goddess, Gunapi the Sunrose to the bottom of the earth in chains. They left Kyprioth as a lesser sea god, while they ruled through the luarin kings. After the last battle of the conquest, Kyprioth had a raka priestess voice a prophecy to give hope to his followers:

"In a time of fear, the One Who I Promised will come to the raka, bearing glory in her train and justice in her hand. She will restore the god to his proper temple and his children to her right hand. She will be twice royal, wise and beloved, a living emblem of truth to her people. She will be attended by a wise one, the cunning one, the strong one, the warrior, and the crows. She will give a home to all, and the kudarung will fly in her honor."
—Excerpt from the Kyprish Prophecy, from 200 H.E.[src]

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