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Luarin is a term used in the Copper Isles to refer to the white-skinned population of the country. The luarin first came to the Isles in 174 HE, at the start of the Luarin Conquest led by Rittevon of Lenman and Ludas Jimajen.

Under luarin rule, the raka, or indigenous peoples, were oppressed and enslaved for almost three centuries. The luarin rise to power in the Isles caused their gods, Mithros and the Great Mother Goddess to gain power there, thus the two gods supported the invasion and banished the raka gods Kyprioth and Gunapi the Sunrose.


The luarin nobility and royalty ruled over the Isles, with the Rittevon family as their heads. Noble luarin families include:

(and others)


Luarin people could be and were slaves under the luarin rulers, but they were not oppressed systematically like the raka were. Even as slaves, they still had more legal rights than even some of the raka nobility.

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