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The Lower City is a district of Corus, the capital of Tortall. It is situated on the south bank of the Olorun and on the Western edge of the city. At least this is true in Beka's time in the third century HE. There are no details about how this might have changed in the years until Alanna went for knighthood.

Around 250 HE, the Lower City is the poorest part of the city. The guard station of this district is called Jane Street kennel. The Cesspool is the worst part of this district both in poverty and violence. Important places situated in the Lower City are the Court of the Rogue, since 247 HE an inn called the Dancing Dove, the Day- and Nightmarket and the Market of Sorrows.


The area of the Lower City was good farmland when the city of Corus came into existence. The fertile soil has been used for building walls in the Centaur Wars, thus removing it from the Lower City. Even more soil was carried away by the Olorun River in the Decade of Floods until the city wall was built to enclose the Lower City, too. By 246 HE not much of the fruitful soil is left. Instead the reddish rock which forms the bed of the Olorun shows.[1]

Daily life in the Lower City

The streets there are dirty and pigs are a common view as well as pigeons, both searching for food. People are seen doing their daily chores on the streets, women not only gossip with their friends on their doorstep but also sew there and feed their babies. Children play on the streets, too. Wagons, however, aren't a common view in the Lower City as the streets are too narrow and wagoners tend to get lost or even robbed.[2] All in all violence is probably more frequent there then in the better districts and the inhabitants normally need every copper they can get to feed their families.

But there are also positive sides to the life in the Lower City as "[f]olk are alive in the Lower City, not bottled up like the merchants and the nobles"[2], meaning that they know how to be joyful and celebrate when there is an occasion like a birth or a wedding, but also meaning that they may be involved in criminal activities and fights. According to Rebakah Cooper, the Lower City, as opposed to the wealthier districts, is full of life.

The people help each other here, although nobody has enough to make a good living. The inhabitants of the Lower City want to make something more out of their lives. Nearly everyone in the Lower City knows of illegal ongoings, even if they don't take part in it.

Known inhabitants of the Lower City


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