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The Lord Provost is an administrative post in Tortall, to which a nobleman is assigned by the King. The Lord Provost's primary responsibility is to oversee the Provost's Guard, the police force of Tortall, especially his own domain Corus.

Known Lord Provosts

The first Lord Provost was Padraig of haMinch, who held this position for sixteen years from 127 HE to 143 HE. During Rebakah Cooper's time as a member of the Provost's Guard, in the middle of the third century HE, Gershom of Haryse served as the Lord Provost.

The Lord Provost in Alanna's time was based on Tamora Pierce's father.[1] He was never named, although he was mentioned several times in the books. In Lioness Rampant , it is mentioned that he was common-born.

Deputy Provosts

There are also several Deputy Provosts, who are responsible for other parts of Tortall and send their reports to the Lord Provost. One of those deputies in the mid-third century of the Human Era was Lionel of Trebond. He was respnsible for Port Caynn as well as the countryside. The Deputy Provost's reach seems to cover the same areas as the respective governor.[2]

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