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The Long Lake pack was a group of wolves that first appeared in Wolf-Speaker. The pack's adults helped care for Daine in Snowsdale when her family was killed. Because of their involvement in helping Daine escape the locals, they were in danger, so the pack relocated to Dunlath. The alpha male and female were Brokefang and Frostfur, respectively. The pack also included, during the events of Wolf-Speaker: Longwind, Battle, Russet, Fleetfoot, Short Snout, Sharp Nose, Frolic, and five pups who were named Leaper, Chaser, Silly and Berry; the other cub was unnamed. Deceased members include Rattail, Treelicker, and Longeye.

The Long Lake Pack eventually called Daine to help them stop the uprising of Yolane and Tristan, who were killing their game, cutting the trees in their forest down, and placing wolf traps. The pack was very intelligent, because of the wild magic of Daine, Brokefang was the most intellegent, he obtained his intelligence by cleaning Daine's wounds after she (and the pack) killed the raiders that killed her mother and grandfather.

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