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Living metal was a magical creation that came about through an accident caused by Daja Kisubo, Trisana Chandler, Briar Moss, and Sandrilene fa Toren, due to the mixing of their various magics caused by the thread circle.


Daja's first living metal creation was caused by an accident in the autumn of 1035 KF while the children and their teachers were staying at Gold Ridge. Her ambient smith magic had combined with the different magics of her foster sisters and brother. Although the main influence—doing something with metals—was Daja's, the initial creation also had parts of the other children's magic in itself. The resemblance to a vine was clearly influenced by Briar's plant magic while the intertwined branches came about as a result of Sandry's thread magic, and the general twisting of the branches like a cyclone was Tris's influence[1]. The vine not only resembled a real plant but it also grew from absorbing further metal. After some time it even grew roots.[2] As Daja's hand was stuck in it, her hand was permanently coated with the metal, which she used later to her benefit, considering it had certain magical properties that were highly prized.

Outside interest

Tenth Caravan Idaram was interested to buy the living metal vine and sent Polyam, who had been made qunsuanen for this, to trade with Daja, even though she was a trangshi and an outcast from the Traders.

Later she also made other things with living metal, like an artificial leg for Polyam or gloves—which were stabilized with "normal" metal—made to endure flames for Bennat Ladradun[3].

Living metal is a highly prized commodity among richer circles. Daja's ability to further work with living metal has put her name in the commercial industries. It has also made her quite wealthy throughout her years working with it and selling it to various buyers.

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