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The Living Circle is a religion in Emelan. Temple-cities include Winding Circle Temple and others, usually with a "circle" theme, such as the Broken Circle or Stone Circle temples in Capchen. All the Circle temples are under the direction of the First Circle Temple of the Living Circle, located in Gyongxe. Wave Circle Temple in Ragat was destroyed and its inhabitants killed when the Dedicate Superior tried to trap an earthquake in crystals for later use, resulting in the earthquake strengthen to the point that it devastated even far-away countries like Emelan.

The followers of the Living Circle don't believe in an afterlife, instead they believe that they will be reborn.[1]

The Treasures hold spiritual and magical power for the Living Circle religion, and are kept in Gyongxe.


The gods of the Living Circle are based on the classical elements: fire, water, earth and air. They are as follows:


Shurri Firesword - Fire goddess of war, defense, law, justice, martial arts.

Hakkoi the Smith - Fire god of smiths, volcanoes, earthquakes.


Yanna Healtouch - Water goddess of healing and love.

Runog of the Deep - Water god of the oceans, rivers, and streams.


Mila of the Grain - Earth goddess of cultivated lands and crops, spinner and weaver.

Green Man - Earth god of vigorous, chaotic, sometimes destructive growth.


Asaia Bird-Winged - Air goddess of birds, intellect, achievement, learning.

Tuhengri Stormlord - Air god of storms, winds, weather.


Depending on the God/element a certain dedicate worships, he or she wears habits in green (Earth Dedicate), yellow (Air Dedicate), blue (Water Dedicate) or red (Fire Dedicate). Dedicates also trained in temple magic, so-called initiates, have black borders on their habits[2]. Novices wear white robes. Eastern Earth Temple Dedicates wear brown robes, while eastern Circle novices wear undyed robes.

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