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"Can we call him Little Bear? He looks like a bear, when he's standing. His feet stick out in that flat bear way."
Sandry shortly after she and her friends rescued the puppy[src]

Little Bear was a dog who lived at Discipline. Sandry, Briar, Tris and Daja had rescued him from children who maltreated the dog when he was still a pup. From his experiences as a puppy he kept a dislike of crowds in his first summer at Discipline[1], which probably didn't go away completely in the following years. He was particularly fond of Tris and later Glaki, but had a close bond to all of the children. He even sensed that something was wrong before Briar and Rosethorn were away a whole day when they had to stay in Urda's House for quarantine because they had been exposed to the blue pox.[2] Even though he was friendly with the children and adults regularly seen around Discipline, he seemed to dislike Dedicate Crane and growled upon meeting him[3] - a mutual dislike.


Little Bear was born in the spring of 1035 KF and spent his first weeks living on the streets of Summersea. The first of the children to see Little Bear was Sandry when he was abused by boys at the marketplace in Summersea. She ordered the boys to stop hurting him, and when they didn't respond, started a fight that spread to Daja, Briar and Tris. At that time Little Bear was still a little puppy. They got the permission to keep Little Bear and take him with them back to Winding Circle.

When the four young mages separated, Daja, Tris and Briar going abroad with their teachers, Tris and Niko took Little Bear with them because Tris was the one who had become most attached to the dog. In Tharios Glaki also became quite attached to Little Bear. Thus Tris left the dog with Glaki at Discipline cottage when she moved in with Daja.

Physical description

Little Bear has ivory-coloured, curly fur.[4] He was small enough to fit into Sandry's lap when he first came to Discipline. Two months later he was already big enough that he managed to lay on two of the children's laps and still could prop his chin on another person's lap. By Sap Moon of 1036 KF, when Little Bear was a little over a year old, he was two and a half feet tall at the shoulder[5]. By the time he was grown up (around 1039 KF), Little Bear had the size of a wolfhound.[6]


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