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First Powers

The First Powers are the parents of the Great Gods.[1] They do not allow their children to kill each other, as this would result in total, cataclysmic destruction of the Mortal and Divine Realms.[2]

Great Gods

The Great Gods are the most powerful gods of the Tortallan Panethon. They are all siblings, and are recognized and worshiped throughout much of the Eastern Lands.

Regional Gods

Many regional Lesser Gods exist in the Tortallan Universe and are worshipped by various local peoples throughout the world, often instead of more well-known Great Gods.

Carthaki Gods

Carthaki Gods are worshipped in addition to the Great Gods

  • Graveyard Hag - patron goddess of Carthak
    • Goddess of graveyard, gambling, and practical jokes
    • Sacred animals and objects include hyenas, rats, and silver dice cups
    • Also politely called "Lady of the South"[5]
  • Mynoss - god of justice, courts, and trials
    • Judge of the underworld and the dead
  • Shakith - blind goddess of seers
  • Jihuk - master of deep desert winds and demons, another Great God of Carthak
  • Hekaja - goddess of healing[5]

Banjiku Gods

Banjiku Gods are worshipped only in southeastern Carthak

  • Lushagui - goddess who bore the Banjiku, sister to Kidunka
    • Her gifts to the Banjiku: binding men to the beast-people, knowledge of the gods
  • Kidunka - all-wise world-snake (male) and brother to Lushagui

K'miri Gods

K'miri Gods are worshipped by the tribal peoples of northern Sarain

Yamani Gods

Yamani Gods are worshipped throughout the Yamani Islands

  • Yama - patron goddess and creator of the Yamani Islands
    • Goddess of childbirth and rice
  • Wave-Walker - a Great God, sometimes another name for the Goddess
    • Sea goddess, goddess of sailors, storms, and shipwrecks
  • Sakuyo - trickster god
    • God of jokes and pranks

Gallan/ Scanran/ Northeastern Tortallan Gods

Lesser Gods who are worshipped in the northern regions of the Eastern Lands

Keirnun and his two wives,. Morni and Danya from Mastiff.

Copper Isles Gods

Cooper Isles Gods are worshipped by the raka citizens of the Copper Isles

  • Gunapi the Sunrose - goddess of war and molten rock
  • The Jaguar Goddess - sister and sometime consort to Kyprioth, imprisoned below the earth by the Great Mother Goddess and Mithros after the Luarin Conquest of the Copper Isles. Known to be a feral and bloody goddess, her brother prefers she remain where she is even after his own return to power. She is the second most powerful deity in the Isles, all other raka deities being described as "small gods" by the Graveyard Hag
  • Batiduran the Python - raka god of the dead

Chaos Gods

Chaos Gods inhabit and guard the Chaos Realms

  • Uusoae - Queen of Chaos
    • Goddess of uncertainty, imagination, destruction leading to change, and new opportunities
  • Gatekeepers
    • Discord
    • Violence

Animal Gods

Animal Gods are male-female god pairs that represent every known animal species in the Tortallan Universe

  • Badger - badger god
  • Mother Brock - badger goddess
  • Old White - wolf god
  • Night Black - wolf goddess
  • Dawn Crow - crow god
  • Sky - crow goddess
  • Bitebone - cat god
  • Queenclaw - cat goddess
  • Broad Foot - duckmole god
  • Lord Mauler - crocodile god
  • Crunchbone - crocodile goddess
  • Paddlebill - duckmole goddess
  • Chrrik - marmoset god
  • Preet - marmoset goddess
  • Nighteyes - great horned owl god
  • Ghostwing - great horned owl goddess
  • Shhess - striped skink god
  • Ssitak - striped skink goddess

Plant Gods

  • The Great Pine and the Flowering Apple - the parents of all trees. Possibly alternate names for the First Powers. [6]
  • The First Trees - from the seeds/nuts of these massive tree goddesses, the first mortal trees were born. There is one for each kind of tree.[7]

Gods of Immortals

  • The Dragongods - unnamed beyond the collective title given by Skysong, it is unknown what exactly the function of these entities is, especially considering draconic views on deities in general.[8]
  • The Mares with Bloody Teeth - the centaur goddesses of vengence

Other Gods

  • Ushjur - god of the east wind. It is not stated whether he is a luarin or raka deity, although his temple in the Copper Isles capital of Rajmuat was burned as a sign of defiance against the luarin, who originally came out of the east to the Isles.
  • North Wind - no other name is given for the god of the northern winds. He is a cousin of Kyprioth.
  • The God in the Flame - the chief (and possibly only) deity of the unnamed land west of Tortall across the sea where the events of Elder Brother and The Hidden Girl take place. It is also worshiped in other lands, although among pantheons instead of alone.

Other Entities


Three Sorrows

Although they are siblings to the gods, these powers are not gods themselves. They add to the power of Chaos, and cannot be completely controlled even by the Great Gods. They take the form of giant, ghostly animals.

  • Malady - appears as rat who spreads disease. He licks people, causing them to fall ill. A multitude of tiny rat ghosts then spread from the sick person to infect others
  • Starvation - appears as a starving yellow dog. He bites food sources and they wither rapidly.
  • Slaughter - appears as a hyena with a blood-soaked muzzle. She stalks battlefields, gnawing on fortifications and siege engines, heedless of which side is which and inciting frenzy with her cries.


  • The Cat - A constellation that is found near the feet of the constellation of the Mother Goddess, he incarnates as a black cat with purple eyes to aid particular mortals.

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