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Gods of the Living Circle

Trader gods

  • Trader Koma - god of the open road, the great steersman, supreme negotiator
  • Bookkeeper Oti - goddess who keeps the record of life with its debts and credits

Gods popular around the Pebbled Sea

  • Lakik the Trickster - god of thieves, mischief, luck
  • Onini - goddess of flower sellers, orange girls, hairdressers, entertainers
  • Urda - goddess of midwives and healers, not temple affiliated
  • Harrier the Clawed - patron of law enforcement workers

Yanjingyi gods

Chammuri gods

  • Lailan of the Rain - goddess of healing and water
  • Mohun - god of silence, stone, dark and secret places
  • Shaihun - god of desert, winds, sandstorms, serious mischief and destruction

Namornese gods

Some Namornese worship gods on a rotation. Each week, families will usually go to a different temple to pay homage, either of Vrohain, god of justice; Qunoc, goddess of the earth; Baion, god of the killing ice and deep winter; and Eilig, goddess of spring and freedom. The worship seems to be symbolic of the changing of seasons, with the exception of Vrohain, although in this instance he might represent the summer months, while Qunoc represent the autumn harvests, Baion represents the deep winter, and Eilig is the goddess of spring.[1]

  • Yorgiry - goddess of healing and war
  • Baion - white god of ice, cold, death
  • Eilig - goddess of spring
  • Griantein - goddess of forgiveness
  • Qunoc - goddess of motherhood & fertility
  • Sythuthan - trickster god of the Syth
  • Vrohain - the god of judgments and justice

Tharian gods

  • The All-Seeing - head of Tharian pantheon, god of judgment and debts
  • Deiina - goddess of entertainers, patroness of Khapik
  • Ngohi - fertility goddess, west of Tharios
  • Thanos - god of the dead

Notes and references

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