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The Law of the Rogue or Rogue's Law isn't written down but customary law to which the members of the Tortallan Court of the Rogue abide.

It's against this law to attack kinsfolk of your opponent instead of going against him directly[1]. Furthermore someone who wants to become the new king of the Rogue has to challenge the old king directly and is not allowed to use intrigues and plotting to work against him. The members of the Rogue aren't allowed to betray one of their folk to the realm's judicative. The Rogue himself also has duties. He must provide for his people and look after them. In bad times the Rogue is under the obligation to make sure there is enough food for all of his people. That's why Rosto the Piper had been laying up grain from the Copper and Yamani Islands in 247 HE, when the harvest wasn't going well and there were many rumors of mold in the crop.[2]Similarly, Fair Flory challenged Pearl Skinner for the position of Rogue because she claimed that Pearl wasn't providing for the people, specifically that she bought herself pearl teeth instead of stores of grain.

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