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Type Fief
'"Clehamat" (meaning comital fief or count's estate)
Location Namorn (near Dancruan, Dragonstone, and the Sablaliz Palace)
Size Incredibly vast
Terrain Vast (rich farmland, mines, fishing grounds, and forests)
Bodies of water
Marine Life
Location Information
Official Language
Religious Head
Owner Clehame Amiliane fa Landreg (until 1034 KF)
Clehame Sandrilene fa Toren (until 1043 KF)
Cleham Ambros fer Landreg (current owner)
Residents Ealaga fa Landreg (the Clehame), four daughters
Religion Namornese pantheon
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Affiliation Namorn
Port Cities
Major Cities Pofkim
Major Roads
Notable Buildings Landreg Castle
Rooms Hundreds
Head of State
Main Industry
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Circle Universe place
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Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
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Landreg is a clehamat in Namorn, or a "count's estate".


Clehamat Landreg is owned and governed by members of House Landreg, an old noble house with imperial blood. The family has owned the lands for four centuries, as noted by Ambros fer Landreg. The head of the family holds the title Cleham or Clehame, meaning "Count(ess)". Both men and women can inherit the title.

The known Heads of the family:

Known stewards:

  • Ambros's father, mentioned briefly by Ambros
  • Ambros fer Landreg, from his father's death to his new office as Cleham fer Landreg


The lands are extremely vast, and are one of two of the holdings that have not been reduced by Empress Berenene—the other is the empress's own lands, the Ocmore estates.

Landreg has mines, fishing ground, forests for lumber, rich farmland, and more. Landreg is one of the biggest noble holdings of Namorn, making the head of the family extremely rich and powerful in the country.

Landreg is known for its very fine mules, and stubbornness is a trait they seem to share with the Heads and Stewards of the Lands.


The Empress's own plot

Empress Berenene made plans to have Sandry stay in Namorn, by parading male members of her inner circle around her. These men were chosen specifically for the task, because she knew they'd obey her, and she knew that once Sandry was wed to one of them, they wouldn't go making trouble with their newfound power.

Empress Berenene wanted Sandry to choose for herself, but also wanted them to kidnap her if she refused, and to marry her in whatever way they could.

Kidnap attempts

Due to being very rich in resources, the clehamat is quite a wealthy estate, making Sandry the richest non-imperial heiress in all of Namorn. Because of this, the empress makes efforts to keep Sandry and her money in her grasp. It also makes her the target of many who would like her estates and wealth for themselves, including Pershan fer Roth, Dymytur fer Holm, Yeskoy fer Haugh, and Finlach fer Hurich. Because of the law that legalizes bride-napping, it is easier to force a woman into a marital alliance, therefore becoming owner of such wealthy estates as Landreg.

The lands are signed over

In Olart, Sandry's three foster-siblings urged her to give Clehamat Landreg over to Ambros, due to his love of the lands, and the fact that the empress will try and force Sandry to re-enter the country - this time with more great-mages and plots. Sandry argued at first but then agreed it would be for the best.

On the 11th or 12th day of Mead Moon, 1043 KF, Sandrilene signed her lands and her title over to her cousin, Ambros, effectively making him Cleham fer Landreg ("Count of Landreg"). As Ambros has no male heirs, it is likely that his eldest daughter will be his heiress presumptive and become Clehame at his death, as long as no male children are born until then, judging by Namornese inheritance laws and progress with legal rights for women.


The Landreg estates only appear in The Will of the Empress. They are mentioned in passing before, as various people talk about Sandry's wealth in Namorn.

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