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The Ladyshearth Lodgings belonged to Serenity and were situated on Coates Lane in Deep Harbor District, Port Caynn, in the third century of the Human Era. They were popular as living quarters for Dogs, especially female ones. Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin were staying there while investigating the false coins leaking into the Tortallan moneystream in September of 247 HE.


The lodgings were about five blocks away from Nestor Haryse's house, on the edge of Deep Harbor District to South Hills District. From the lodgings it was an easy walk to the kennel and other places useful for Beka and Goodwin to their investigations, like gambling dens.[1]


The house had a waist-high stone fence and was set off the street with an herb garden planted around the front. Some of the stones had magical signs for protection against thieves written on them. The first story of the house was stone, the upper two stories were roof painted with moon symbols--a sign of the Great Mother Goddess. The roof was tiled.[2] At the back of the house a brisk stream ran, over which a bridge lead. A water sprite lived in this stream.[3]

On the ground floor there was a room for eating.[4]

The separate rooms are locked through spells made by Serenity herself. Like the living area the rooms are of good quality and would be too expensive for a first-year Dog like Beka under normal circumstances. At least some rooms even have a hearth.[5]


Beka and Goodwin stayed in Ladyshearth Lodgings during their investigation in Port Cayn in 247 HE.

Beka fed Slapper and the Port Caynn pigeons one morning on the ledge beneath her window, but one of Serenity's maids complained about it and Beka had to stop, although she told the maid that she was just prejudiced against pigeons.[6]

The cook also takes a liking to Achoo, and feeds her well.

Later stays there again with her partner Matthias Tunstall in 249 HE. This time it was only a short visit while they waited for futher orders.[7]

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