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Lady Uniunu was a luarin noblewoman of the Copper Isles in the 5th century HE. She was a member of the aristocratic Uniunu family by marriage, although her maiden name is unknown. Lady Uniunu was the mother of Acharn Uniunu, a young noble boy who was a member of the late King Dunevon's inner circle. The main branch of the Uniunu family hold lands and estates on Kypriang Island, and rarely leave there.[1]

The Uniunu family were staunch supporters of the Rittevon family, even when the rulers had to raise taxes on the nobility. Acharn Uniunu was the only child to survive the devastating shipwreck that killed almost all of Dunevon's little court, including Dunevon himself, and the crew. Aly realized that Acharn was the scion of the one family that still supported the Rittevons.[2]

Lady Uniunu made a racist remark about Zaimid Hetnim and Saraiyu Balitang after their elopement. Dovasary Balitang responded by questioning her about her experience with other cultures, seeming to only be curious but in fact subtly showcasing the lady's ignorance.[1]


Lady Uniunu only appears in Trickster's Queen.

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