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The Kyprish Prophecy was by the god, Kyprioth after the luarin conquest of the Copper Isles and recorded around 200 HE. It foretold the coming of a "twice royal" queen who would restore the native raka and the god to their place as rulers of the Isles. It was used as a kind of hope for the raka who had been enslaved in their own lands by foreign invaders.

The Prophecy

"In a Time of Fear, the One Who I Promised will come to the raka, bearing glory in her train and justice in her hand. She will restore the god to his proper temple and his children to her right hand. She will be twice royal, wise and beloved, a living emblem of truth to her people. She will be attended by the wise one, the cunning one, the strong one, the warrior, and the crows. She will give a home to all, and the Kudarung will fly in her honor."
—Kyprish Prophecy, written in the year 200 H.E.

Its Realization

The prophecy was fulfilled more than two centuries later, in 463 HE, when Dovasary Balitang was crowned Queen of the Copper Isles, becoming the prophesied "twice royal" queen She was of both luarin and raka royal blood, due to the mix of Haiming and Rittevon royal blood.

The "Wise One" of the prophecy was Ochubu Dodeka, and the "Strong One" was Ulasim Dodeka, her son. They both died during the last attack to restore the power of the Haiming Dynasty in the Isles. They were entombed next to the Grey Palace, with their epithets on their epitaphs. Fesgao Yibenu survived and was the "Warrior" of the prophecy. Alianne Crow was the "Cunning One".

The Kyprish Prophecy plays a great role in both Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen.

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