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Kuri Taylor (pronounced KOOR-ee) was a healer in Corus, which means she probably had the Gift. She was a friend of Eleni Cooper and looked after her when Thom of Trebond "experimented" with resurrecting Roger of Conté on All Hallow of 438 HE and Eleni's magic was influenced by it when she tried to overcome his protections. Kuri also treated Marek Swiftknife's injuries when he, George and Ercole got into an ambush on their return to Corus from Port Caynn.[1]

A decade later Kuri worked for the Queen's Riders, looking after the female trainees and being responsible for the clothes.[2]

She appears in The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, Lioness Rampant, Wild Magic and The Realms of the Gods.

Notes and references

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