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Days of the week

There are seven days to a week, as portrayed to readers in the preface to Will of the Empress. In sequence the days are:

  • Sunsday
  • Moonsday
  • Starsday
  • Earthsday
  • Airsday
  • Firesday
  • Watersday

The seventh and last day of the week, Watersday is traditionally spent in worship and relaxation.

There are also six major holidays named in Cold Fire:

  • Sunborn (the spring equinox)
  • Wild Night (Beltane)
  • Midsummer (the summer solstice)
  • Coldborn (the fall equinox)
  • Dead's Night (Samhain or Halloween)
  • Longnight (the winter solstice)

Moon Cycles

The moon cycles that are used by Tamora Pierce in her Circle books are taken from various old farmer almanacs. Because of this, sometimes conflicting names are used, especially in the first four novels of the Emelanese Universe. Below is the moon cycle as it appears in the preface to Will of the Empress.

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