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The Kraken is a powerful immortal resembling an octopus, only with many more tentacles, each of which is a mile long, and a body that is a mile and a half across. It is unclear if there is a kraken species, or only a single kraken.

The only known kraken in the mortal realms, living in the depths of the Emerald Ocean and preying on ships. He was passed over by the mages who imprisoned the immortals in the Divine Realms at the beginning of the Human Era.

Daine encounters the kraken in 449 HE, when she semi-accidentally recruits him to destroy enemy ships and lift the siege of Pirate's Swoop. He is later removed from the cove by Numair and Alanna, once Numair has recovered. He is able to take the water with him, and the two mages had to pull it back in.

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